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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Develop your brand’s awareness by growing the number of followers on social media that help you increase word of mouth and referrals. We will help you increase your followers with relevant people on your social media pages. The objective is to build a social media community with people matching your typical customer’s characteristics.

In today’s competitive business environment, if you find it hard to stay on top of your competitors, it is a clear sign that it’s time to level up your marketing efforts. If you have tried all conventional marketing tactics and still don’t see the desired outcomes, social media could be a valuable investment in all aspects of the business.

It is believed that in marketing that the best way to market your products and services is to be at the place where all your potential customers are present, and that is social media platforms. Our company posts ads on social media, Maintains your social media profiles, Accounts ads and sets up ads, etc. Implement social media marketing techniques in your business because your customers spend 145 minutes daily on social media. You need to be on social media platforms to attract them to your business.

What We Offer

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Content Creation

Content Creation 2

Firstly, we will complete a competitive content marketing analysis to see how your current website content stacks up against your top three competitors. We then identify the top content keywords in your market area and industry. We can then create a content marketing strategy to help you increase sales and differentiate your brand.

The third step is to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We’ll publish targeted, well-written website content optimized for search engines. This includes:

Great content won’t do your company any good unless prospects can find and engage with it. Every piece of content we create for you will be optimized for search engines so that it will be found for related search terms.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

Setting up a fan page means putting a face to your name if you have a company. No one wants to buy from a company they have never heard of, so make personal posts that can relate to your audience. If you’re promoting a product or service, tell your customers why it’s for them specifically. We will do it all for you.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram PromotionCreate Brand New Ads

Select campaign parameters to fit your business goals, such as an advertising objective. We manage creative work, upload your ad creative, write ad copy and review how your ads look on different devices.

Define your audience for more intelligent ad targeting. Adjust your target audience to be as broad or well-defined as you like. We extend your ad across Facebook’s family of apps and services with automatic placements to allow our delivery system more flexibility to get you better results.

Linkedin Promotion

Linkedin Promotion

Your page should offer ample opportunities for prospective customers to learn more about your brand and the people who work there and engage with relevant content.

If there’s one thing LinkedIn members find engaging, it’s a fresh idea. Publishing thought leadership content on your Company Page is one of the most powerful ways to grow your audience.

Naturally, you will want to publish and promote your content, but sharing engaging and insightful content from others is also a good idea.

Twitter Promotion

Twitter Promotion

Promoting your Business through Twitter has delivered remarkable results to the businesses in terms of increased website traffic, brand awareness, and qualified leads.

Aiprog delivers customized Twitter services, ensuring a definite rise in traffic and your brand popularity. Introducing your business to Twitter, we create professional marketing campaigns, monitor the campaign progress, and measure ROI.

Youtube Promotion

Youtube Promotion

The absolute YouTubers targeted in the promotion will naturally find your video exciting and can like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.Aiprog’s YouTube promotion service works for all YouTube Channels. No matter the type of YouTube channel, our targeted YouTube Ads can help it gain more subscribers. Aiprog is the safest way to use AdWords to promote a YouTube channel.

Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest Promotion

Whether your goal is to promote your service or products, increase leads or affiliate sales, or build your brand awareness, not using Pinterest means you are missing out. Our precise targeting tools get your ads in front of the people you care about most.

Customer Support

Customer Support 2

We provide 24×7 customer support to our clients through meetings, calls, video calls, e-mail, chats, and many more. We work per our customers’ needs and preferences to provide them with the quality work they desire for their business.

We provide creative solutions for your creative ideas

Benefits Of SMM For Businesses

Increases Customers Trust And Brand Recognition

As consumers become better versed in dealing with threats to privacy and security online, they look for demarcations of trustworthiness before proceeding with transactions with a new or previously unknown business.

Research shows that having a social media presence that is active, organic, and presents a consistent view of your branding can improve levels of customer trust.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Brands who take advantage of the real-time feedback provided by social media, listen to their followers and react accordingly. Consumers can comment with praise or criticism of your brand, how quickly and appropriately you respond can impact your brand reputation. Brands that do not take advantage of this line of communication appear uncaring and cause consumers to become frustrated, losing brand loyalty.

Customers review are a great way to openly communicate with your audience and show customers that you’re a trustworthy brand.


Social Media is a powerful platform that gives many benefits to your company, it is a constant process that needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy and your daily routine. As a continually evolving practice, you must always strive to be creative and on-trend, and ultimately, showcase the great brand that you are to your audience.

#1 Best Social Media Marketing Service in Lucknow

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We provide creative solutions for your creative ideas

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